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    Ideas are fine... But only real solutions matter ... and only when they can be put to practical use by...ordinary people. catman Ps...good luck with that.
    0 Comments »  Posted by catmann1 on 4/28/2013 12:10 AM
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    Excellent work Mr. Young.

    I can shed some insight into how to implement some of the ideas which have been voted into the "most popular of all time" list.

    1.  Pretty much any (modern) internal combustion engine can burn gasoline, ethanol, or methanol w/ equal ease.

    2.  Your hydroxylized fuels (i.e. -OH) will typically need to also have the fuel lines and certain gaskets replaced to either stainless steel or a synthetic material which will not dry out.  Petro fuels are more viscous.

    3.  The air-fuel mixture can be adjusted by simply hacking the firmware of the vehicle.  This can be done by a bipass chip or (preferably) by simply replacing the ROM w/ a customized version of your own.  

    4.  In many modern vehicles this can be achieved w/ an iOS or Android app and the one of the many aftermarket adapters for vehicle diagnostic testing.  In's a way to turn the loss of control which the computerization of vehicles has made difficult to address.

    5.  This solution could be extended to virtually every (mainstream) automobile on the road produced after the year 2000 or so with few exceptions for less than $400/ each on average.

    6.  Methanol (wood alcohol) is the liquid fuel of democracy.  It can be easily and safely produced anywhere in the world by recycling ANY ORGANIC WASTE MATERIAL.  There is no need to wait for a magical enzyme to get fuel from switchgrass or hope that we can genetically engineer s better strain of algae for biodiesel.  This is ready RIGHT NOW.

    7.  Nobel Prize winner George Olah strongly advocated a METHANOL based economy all the way through the '90's.  Ethanol is an environmental and commodities market disaster waiting to happen.

    8.  The GFE (Gallon Fuel Equivalency) of Methanol is is 2:1 to gasoline...however each molecule of ethanol contains only 1 carbon atom instead of the 8 carbon atoms in one molecule of octane.  Hence...carbon emissions are 4 TIMES LOWER THAN GASOLINE ON A MILE-FOR-MILE BASIS.

    9.  I can make this technology readily available to every man, woman, and child on the planet, but lack the resources to do so. 

    However...if you would like to team up, please contact me.  I do not want money or funding.  I would prefer to simply be an employee for a non-profit organization of which you (Mr. Young) are in control of.  I only need about $35,000 per year salary for my family and I to survive.  

    In short, this is not an attempt solicit's an attempt to keep homo sapiens from going extinct.  A wise man once told me "Tick-tock/The writing on the wall/No wonder we're losing time"

    If you are serious and would consider such a thing, please contact me as soon as possible before we go bomb the piss out of the rest of the Middle East on behalf of our corporate overlords.

    0 Comments »  Posted by Minderbinder on 1/2/2012 8:33 PM
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    There is a huge worldwide sub culture of VW Bus fanatics that would be prime candidates for a power alternative.  I have an '87 watercooled Vanagon Westfalia that is smaller than LV1 but sleeps two comfortably. The big downside is the thirsty flat 4 that hits about 20 mpg because it is heavy and somewhat underpowered.  There are many Suburu and reved up repowers, but none to my knowledge that address the poor milage.  Any ideas on how to tackle this low profile flat 4 configuration with LV conversion?
    1 Comment »  Posted by Naturalbill on 4/1/2011 1:24 PM
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    Just wondering, what if you used a 66 Dodge Dart for a platform? It was a smaller vehicle yet still pretty stout. The 225 cid slant 6 is a great engine! One could re-engineer the motor - adapt it to multi fuel & combine it with electric. The body is fairly aero-dynamic and kinda ugly in it's own cool way!
    0 Comments »  Posted by Juan on 6/9/2011 11:52 AM
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    For you Lincoln lovers here is a rare find!!  There were only 34 of these produced in 1960.  It is a 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Executive factory limo.  It has factory power steering, power brakes, power self lube, power windows, power dividing privacy window, front and rear radio, power antennea, front and rear air conditioning.  The rear seat and surroundings are suede, the front is leather.  This was the highest priced vehicle that Lincoln/Continental made in 1960.  The convertible listed for $7,056 where as the factory executive limo listed for $10,230 nearly 1-1/2 times more than the convertible.  It is complete with factory skirts and wheel discs.  This car has the factory 315 hp engine, car is complete, all the glass is good.  It has some lower rust on the bottom of the very rear drivers side quarter where the stainless goes and again at the front of the hood on passenger side.  Car is black, used to have a black vinyl top.  The front seats and door panels and dash is black, steering wheel is black and white and the rear compartment is light gray suede which is in good shape.  There is a tear in the front seat as you can see by the pic. 
    /on  ebay..There was one of these in a museum here where I live for a while.I believe it was elvis's first limo.It sold at auction..a few years ago..This would be a cool trunner up to your convertible..ebay item..#33055643997 a 60 Licoln limo the listing says there were only 34 of these made from the would be a cool rock and roll star car also..thanks..

    0 Comments »  Posted by Wumple on 4/24/2011 7:41 AM
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    I haven't read the YACHTING MAGAZINE article in depth but was hoping to see the marine version of the Capstone Microturbine installed as the on-board generator.
    Might be worth investigating if the Reagan Power Klean Pak Microturbine unit might be a clean green fit for the sailboat in the article.
    0 Comments »  Posted by wsquared on 3/28/2011 3:03 PM
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    I'm interested in knowing if any of you have pursued your ideas through a clean energy incubator process and if you have, what was the usefulness of the experience.
    There are many energy focused technical resources who are now much more motivated to incubate their ideas.  I want to build a rapid clean energy incubator business process/model that can be applied to any of these ideas and provide local national a global help for innotavors of clean energy.
    I welcome and look forward to your input.
    0 Comments »  Posted by Rick on 3/17/2011 12:39 PM
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    continue the trend - the capstone turbine has been in production for several years for use on commercial transit bus (See Designline USA). engine bay is so clean you can set a sandwich there - drive hundreds of miles, open the door and eat it! no belts, hoses, oils, etc. The generator can sit in your hand..(turbine runs at 96,000 rpm). This is a wonderful powertrain, clean and efficient - would be great for a tour bus / RV! never really gave it too much thought in a classic old ride - as much as i believe in this, i just dont see it in my 70 chevelle convertible!
    Regardless - next time your behind an old stinking smoke billowing bus you may want you muncipal funds to consider a claen Designline bus...(and no, i dont work there..)
    0 Comments »  Posted by Bob on 3/15/2011 12:30 PM
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    The Peace & Harmony Tour Bus is going electric!

    I have a 1967 International (1800 Loadstar) Bus. I am collecting parts(& money) and will be converting it soon. I am going to leave the stock engine in place and use it as a back up generator. The bus has a three piece drive shaft , so I'm going to pull the middle shaft out and put the electric motor there. Solar panels on the roof and a solar steam turbine (more on that soon), also on the roof, will charge the battery banks. I figure on tour, we can plug into the venues. Also  we use campgrounds and can charge there over night. After this one I want to build more.

    I have been on the electric car kick since Popular Mech. ran a "how to" for a electric car in 1977 (Feb 1977 - still have the mag)

    Thanks Neil for stepping up and kickin' our collective asses into the future. Dude you rock!
    0 Comments »  Posted by BDL on 5/30/2010 9:45 PM
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    Tried to post my idea but your site would not take it it was too long. please visit, Lets Roll Forums the Tesla threads and look for Tesla/Pierce-Arrow Basics. Or google it. Thank's Rebus57.
    0 Comments »  Posted by Rebus on 7/28/2010 12:39 AM
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