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Improved efficiency.

I have a couple of ideas that may help improve efficiency.
1. set the computer to run the generator at its most efficient rpm.
This should be somewhere around the peak of the torque curve I believe.
2. Use a generator of the appropriate size to produce slightly more power than needed to maintain the speed of the vehicle on flat terrain.
3. Most importantly incorporate thermoelectric converters with an active cooling system for heat to electric conversion.
This cooling system should incorporate either dry ice suspended in alcohol or liquid nitrogen.
The effect of the active cooling system will have several benefits.
A. Increase the thermal difference across the TEC, increasing the electrical output.
B. The addition of active cooling will enable electric generation from the heat exchangers even when the engine is not running and at ambient temperature.
C. If the cooling system is effective enough it will improve the base efficiency of the TEC by reducing one junctions Seebeck coefficient to zero or super conductor status.
D. Reduce the temperature of the TEC enough to prevent damage from severe heat.
E. If liquid nitrogen is used then you are tapping into one of the most abundant substances on earth.
F. Liquid nitrogen is produced from the fractional distillation of air and is a byproduct of the manufacture of oxygen.  
G. This could even be developed into a new way of thinking about energy: Using a cold source to absorb ambient thermal solar energy.
H. The waste cold from the evaporated coolant could be used to provide free air conditioning.
I hope these ideas are useful and help to reach the goal.
0 Comments  » Posted by LesHaven1 on 9/5/2013 8:51 AM

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